Sleep960 Enters into a Business Partner Agreement with Modus Five

Fort Myers, FL (PRWEB) March 26, 2013

Signature Sleep Services (dba Sleep960) announced today that it has reached an agreement with Modus Five, a California-based multimedia company to co-develop and distribute sleep medicine education software and integrate this rich media into existing and future software applications. As the field of sleep medicine continues to expand there is a growing need for quality educational material in video format for both professionals entering into the industry and patients searching for answers to their sleep problems. Although there are many sleep related YouTube videos available most are limited in clinical content, non-interactive and often too broadly focused.

Over the last year Sleep960 has been constructing a complimentary platform of applications, devices and services that work together to provide a more seamless and efficient way to eliminate redundant data entry and reduce overall operating costs of sleep centers. The flagship product in this platform is SleepScreener a web-based application that can screen and electronically refer high risk patients with sleep disorders to specific testing facilities. A brief educational video produced by Modus Five will now be integrated into the application providing patients basic knowledge of the impact of sleep disorders and instructions on how to complete the questionnaire.

Modus Five has developed a number of sleep related software programs and educational videos aimed at hospitals and sleep centers interested in improving patient awareness of sleep disorders. This software combines interactive content with graphics, videos and animations to create a user friendly application which can run from a web site or standalone. These videos cover sleep disorders in general, sleep wellness and dental sleep medicine. They have been designed to be quite interactive so individuals viewing the content feel they are part of the presentation.

“One of the biggest problems we face is convincing patients taking the SleepScreener questionnaire is to understand the significance of how poor quality sleep can affect their general health and well-being”says Michael Clark, VP of Sales and Business Development. “Modus Five addressed this issue by providing a powerful video message that we integrated into the application which each patient must view prior to starting the questionnaire. We believe this will increase the importance of sleep disorders to the patient and therefore improve their interest in completing the questionnaire.”

“Over the past year we have developed several educational products for sleep disorders and wellness. These products are currently in use by sleep centers around the world and with the experience and knowledge of Sleep960, we believe we can show case them to a wider range of potential clients”, says Gali Rosen, president of Modus Five. “We are also excited about integrating into their new workflow platform and believe our educational products will be a great fit.”

About Signature Sleep Services LLC

Signature Sleep Services (dba Sleep960) is a sleep medicine resource company providing diagnostic & therapy products, consultation & management services and Polysomnography educational courses. Our products focus on improving the complete care workflow cycle from initial screening, testing, treatment and successful outcomes for the sleep disorder patient. A sister company the Florida International Sleep School provides a variety of Polysomnography courses with a blended mix of on-line, on-demand and traditional classroom sessions.

About Modus Five

Modus Five is a California-based company that develops medical patient education multimedia learning software and web sites. Its team of professionals includes family physicians, certified health care educators, a technical writer and editor, and multimedia developers. Modus Five products serve patient, health care organization, physicians, nurses, medical educators, and various health care centers.

Asthma Spanish Patient Education Software

ModusFive has launched a new Spanish version of our famous Asthma: a Patient Education Multimedia Course.
The program’s helpful information is delivered in rich graphics, animation, interactive content, and high definition videos.

Asthma is a complete patient-education and training curriculum. The program, developed by Modus Five with the help of board certified pediatricians and asthma educators from a Palo Alto based hospital, offers over three hours of self-guided instructions divided into eight lessons. It is available online or via CDROM. Patients, physicians, nurses, medical educators and health care organizations can use this software to facilitate learning about the physiology, symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment options for asthma.

Lessons cover topics such as the symptoms and early signs of asthma, asthma triggers, diagnosis (via PEFR, or spirometry), special situations (pregnancy, infancy, and adulthood), long-and short-term treatments, patient management, proper use of treatment equipment, asthma issues facing schools, and much more.

Asthma can be licensed as a web application, which can be installed on the website of a hospital or clinic, or as a CDROM for patients’ personal use.

To get acquainted with the software, please try our Asthma Online Demo

For more information, please contact us at


ModusFive Web

Online Patient Questionnaires

Modus Five presents their newest release: Online Patient Questionnaires for doctors’ clinic or hospital web site.
Existing forms include: Depression Questionnaire, Medical History, Bed Partner Questionnaire, and Sleep Apnea Probability. All questionnaires can be easily customized to fit your needs and results are sent to the doctor’s email and can also be saved to be analyzed later. Arithmetic and logic online calculations allow you to get scores and graphs with the answers.

Advantages of Online Patient Questionnaire include:

Faster – Time to complete an online questionnaire is about 2/3 shorter than paper. Information is being gathered automatically, and the response rate is almost instant.
Cheaper – You don’t have to allocate part of your staff to enter the information into a database. The responses are processed automatically, and the results are accessible at any time, and emailed to doctor directly.
Accurate – Smaller margin of error because participants enter their responses directly into the system.
Quick to Analyze – Online arithmetic and logic operations can be used to analyze the results and provide you with quick answers.
Easy to use – Patients can do it anytime from their home, and the time needed to complete the questionnaires is much shorter.
Customizable – Online questionnaire can be styled and configured to match your specific needs. You have full control over the questions, what to do with the answers, and where to send them.

Diagnosis of Sleep Disorders by ENT

Modus Five presents their newest release: Diagnosis of Sleep Disorders – Performing a Nasal Exam educational DVD.
The video is intended to provide dentists and other medical professionals basic guidelines and tools to help them efficiently evaluate whether a patient has nasal issues that require treatment by an ENT specialist.

Dr. Roesler is a recognized expert in Reconstructive Surgery and Otolaryngology. Dr. Roesler graduated from the UCLA School of Medicine with the highest honors, Alpha Omega Alpha, in 1998. Dr. Roesler continued his training at UCLA and completed his residency in Otolaryngology, Head and Neck, and Facial Plastic Surgery in June of 2004.

Sleep Disorder and Wellness Patient Education DVD

Modus Five presents their newest release: Sleep Disorders & Sleep Wellness educational DVD for your patients. It can be offered to individual patients as a supplement to your personal instruction, or as an information source accessible in waiting rooms.
Sleep disorders, including Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), Insomnia, Restless Leg Syndrome, and Narcolepsy, affect millions of people around the world. In this educational DVD, Dr. Aaron Morse and Dr. Tony Masri raise awareness about sleep disorders, and discuss the physiology, symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment options available today.
Dr. Michael Simmons DMD, teaches about oral appliances—discussing who are good candidates for the technology, how to use it, and its advantages and disadvantages. Dr. Robert Relle discusses oral surgery as an additional treatment option.
The DVD also makes use of a user-friendly multi-media interface to present information that can help patients cope with sleep disorders preventively and holistically. The modules suggest possible changes in life style (including exercise and nutrition), behavior therapy, and non-Western health approaches like yoga, meditation, Chinese medicine, and acupuncture, that can have a positive impact on sleep wellness.

Dental Sleep Medicine Patient Education DVD

ModusFive released two new Dental Sleep Medicine Patient Education DVD to be played in the dentist waiting room TV network.
Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) affects over 20 million people in the US, and oral appliances are one of the leading treatment options. The two videos raise awareness about OSA, discuss the symptoms, causes, risks, different treatment options available today, and advantages/disadvantages of each treatment option. World-renown Dr. Michael Simmons, DMD, takes you through the process of admitting a new patient to the clinic, the initial intake interview, performing the physical exam, selecting and fitting a mouthpiece, the follow–up process, and more.